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This site explains to teens the importance of staying abstinent until marriage...

Sex Respect - Abstinence Education Program for Teens
Abstinence education program, designed to encourage teens to choose not to have sex before marriage.

A Shot in the Arm Against Cancer?
Mr. Sprigg's suggestion that abstinence before marriage provides the best answer to HPV prevention is simply mistaken.

Teen Awareness - CHOICES abstinence teen pregnancy marriage STDs
CHOICES/Teen Awareness, Inc. is a non-profit organization (501C3) which provides educational presentations to schools and the community, that ...

A non-profit offering seminars promoting the benefits of abstinence before marriage. Includes a calendar of events, booking info, and books ...

Abstinence programs that show how today's choice create the future, ...
TRUE LIFE INTERACTIVE: In-depth Curriculum for Youth Teaches the Importance of Abstinence...

Cohabiting, All About Living Together Before Marriage
... cohabitation, living together, before marriage, shacking up, explanations, myths, pastoral counseling, premarital counseling, ...

Pelican Parts Technical BBS - RE: Abstinence before marriage
Registered: Feb 2001 Location: NJ, USA Posts: 4267 RE: Abstinence before marriage ...

Abstinence before marriage
Abstinence before marriage Abstinence before marriage What are everyone's thoughts. Are you in favour of it? Why?

Michigan Bill Would Require Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Girls
They also stress that abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Context counts: long-term sequelae of premarital intercourse or abstinence
An individual's first sexual experience is a highly salient and meaningful event, with potential to shape sexual scripts and the affect associated with ...... (Continue Reading)

Embracing abstinence
The Pantomime of Praise team from Everlasting Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland prepares to perform at a True Love Waits rally. About 150 youths ...... (Continue Reading)

Abstinence, abstinence-only, faith-based, and the psychology of stigma
The June 23 talk by President Bush in Philadelphia (see "President Bush on AIDS: More Questions Than Answers" in this issue) raised deeper ...... (Continue Reading)

Can a couple remain celibate before marriage? - Lifestyles
Sex may be a small word, but engaging in it nowadays can have big consequences. Unwanted pregnancies, incurable sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS ...... (Continue Reading)

Athletes for Abstinence promotes 'sexual purity' for teens until marriage
AC Green of the Phoenix Suns heads a group of professional athletes who promote abstinence among youth, focusing on African Americans and other minority ...... (Continue Reading)

Congressmen want states to use federal grant to urge abstinence - House Republicans on the use of grant intended for programs advocating marriage and other
House GOP leaders want to know if states are misusing government funds intended to promote abstinence and marriage. `Ignoring marriage is inconsistent ...... (Continue Reading)

Symposium - education for sexual abstinence
Q: Should Congress stay the course on education for sexual abstinence until marriage? YES: The myth of `safe sex' has led to an epidemic of STDs among ...... (Continue Reading)

Bush's abstinence man: Tom Coburn, head of the president's AIDS advisory council, preaches his preference for "just say no" over condom-based HIV education
Gay men have long subscribed to an AIDS prevention strategy that can be summed up in a single word: condoms. But now one of President Bush's top AIDS ...... (Continue Reading)

Like a virgin: abstinence pledges are usually broken
SO-CALLED "VIRGINITY PLEDGES" don't seem to have much effect on whether or not people have sex before marriage, according to a study. Angela ...... (Continue Reading)

Virulent virqinity: "abstinence-only" sex ed programs are putting youth at risk
"What does penetration mean?" The question is not that unusual in my job directing a peer education program for high school students. Yet ...... (Continue Reading)

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