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Common Law Marriage
Common Law Marriage ... ... informal marriage," rather than a common-law marriage. Under § 1.91 of the Texas Family Code, an informal ...

Connecticut Law and Legislation
... on common law marriage in Connecticut, prepared by the Judicial Branch law libraries. ... How a Bill Becomes a Law in Connecticut The ...

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· Connecticut Family Law Citations (2005): Marriage ... May 17, 2005).  ?Although Connecticut does not recognize common-law marriages, ...

The institution of common law marriage has been steadily declining in recent years. Of the 50 states, 40 no longer allow such marriages to be ...

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Family Law, Fundamentals, Chpater 6 Common Law Marriage ... Common Law Marriage; Marriage Formalities; Covenant Marriage ...

Common-law marriage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... following states never permitted common-law marriage: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, ...

Family Law Reporter® Index-Summary
... denied (6th Cir.), 1032 ? South Africa, same-sex couples included in definition of common law marriage (S. Afr.

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Stand and Fight: Don't take gay marriage lying down
It's time for conservatives to take their cue from the New Jersey Nets, or maybe from those hard-luck kids, the Boston Red Sox. Only a few weeks ago, ...... (Continue Reading)

Divorce-on-Demand: Forget about gay marriage-what about the state of regular marriage?
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the campaign to permit marriages between persons of the same sex. But even if that campaign were to succeed, its proponents would likely find their victory a... (Continue Reading)

The bad decision that started it all: Griswold at 40
FORTY years ago, in Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down state laws forbidding the sale, distribution, and use ...... (Continue Reading)

Interfaith marriage
Interfaith marriages among Catholics tend to result in discord and divorce. In addition, Catholics in interfaith marriages are less likely to accept traditional ...... (Continue Reading)

Bad day in court for gay marriage
ALBANY, N.Y. -- The highest courts in two states dealt gay- rights advocates dual setbacks Thursday, rejecting same-sex couples' bid to win marriage ...... (Continue Reading)

Who Was the Second Choice?
I have finally hit upon a misdeed by the Bush Administration so outrageous, so appalling, so egregious, I am calling for a bipartisan commission with subpoena power to investigate: Who told the Presi... (Continue Reading)

Split decision: a Texas judge grants a "gay divorce," giving the first legal recognition to civil unions outside Vermont - Court
Divorce is seldom a cause for celebration, but a case in Beaumont, Tex., has turned out to be about much more than a breakup. The divorce, which was ...... (Continue Reading)

Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rodgers
Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rodgers MERYLE SECREST Knopf, New York, 2001 xv+457 pp. Meryle Secrest, the author of the latest biography ...... (Continue Reading)

Escape from the red states: gay parents can wake up to find that their home state wants to break up their family. Some fight back; others simply leave
Boxes are stacked in the garage, the walls are barren, and an air mattress on the den floor serves as bed for the night in the Orlando, Fla., home of ...... (Continue Reading)

Politics And Proof-Texts: Why I Disagree With Jim Dobson And Jim Wallis
Think of the excitement of it: a debate on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on tax code revision. A conservative from Alabama urges the adoption of a flat tax - the same rate for every... (Continue Reading)

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