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A common law marriage in Colorado is valid for all purposes, the same as a ceremonial marriage. It can be terminated only by death or divorce.

Common Law Marriage
Common Law Marriage ... ... informal marriage," rather than a common-law marriage. Under ยง 1.91 of the Texas Family Code, an informal ...

Fact Sheet On Common Law Marriage
... common-law marriage are: (1) capacity; (2) an agreement to be husband and wife; and (3) consummation of the marital relationship.

Demystifying Common-Law Marriage
States That Recognize Common Law Marriage ... For more information on Common Law Marriage, see our Fact Sheet.

Proof of Common Law Marriage
Proof of Common Law Marriage...

State Marriage Statutes
(gg) No common-law marriage can be entered into, but these states recgonize common law marriages that were entered ...

Colorado Common Law Marriage - Colorado Divorce & Family Law Guide
Comprehensive guide to Colorado divorce law, military divorce, child support law, grandparent rights & visitation, Colorado common law ...

Colorado Divorce & Family Law Guide, Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer
Comprehensive guide to Colorado divorce law, military divorce, child support law, grandparent rights & visitation, common law marriage, ...

Colorado Common Law Marriage and Colorado Child Support
Colorado Common Law Marriage and Colorado Child Support - Colorado Springs Attorney Robert D. Gustafson, 20+ years experience in Colorado State ...

Common law marriage issues - The Law
The issue of living arrangements and marriage--from civil unions to domestic partnerships to common law marriage--promises to grab headlines in the months ahead. While states and the federal govern... (Continue Reading)

Colo. court sides with preteen brides: Clears common-law marriage
DENVER -- A common-law marriage in Colorado between a 14-year- old boy and 12-year-old girl is possible after an appellate court ruling this week. That's the potential fallout from a Colorado... (Continue Reading)

Common-law marriage OK'd for girls age 15
DENVER (AP) -- A 15-year-old girl can enter into a common-law marriage in Colorado, and younger girls and boys possibly can, too, a state appeals court ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage amendment jitters: the social Right tries to get it together
SANDY RIOS, the president of Concerned Women for America, was pounding the table. She was at an October 1 meeting of social-conservative activists and ...... (Continue Reading)

The 28th Amendment: It is time to protect marriage, and democracy, in America - Defense of Marriage Act may be in jeopardy
Marriage is so central to the well-being of children-and society as a whole-that it was, until recently, difficult to imagine that it might be necessary ...... (Continue Reading)

Women and violence - reprinted from Al-Raida - Rape scandals at US Service Academies - Violence Against Women, Polygamy And Child Marriage - Reprint

Colorado Sphalerite
Colorado boasts numerous localities where fine sphalerite specimens have been found. Sphalerite, (Zn,Fe)S, can be one of the more desirable mineral ...... (Continue Reading)

Family law--Gragg v. Gragg: Tennessee adopts the analytical standard that classifies private disability policies according to parties' intent
Nellie C. Gragg (Appellant) and G. Winston Gragg (Appellee), were married on September 4, 1971.1 The parties later separated, and the Appellee filed an ...... (Continue Reading)

Join the church? Well …
DECADES AGO, Dorothy E. Payton and her husband moved with their young children to a small prairie town in Montana. Although a devoted Methodist, Dorothy ...... (Continue Reading)

Rebirthing Update: Therapists Convicted, Therapy Outlawed in Colorado - Brief Article
Two Colorado therapists, Julie Ponder and Connell Watkins, were convicted April 20 of reckless child abuse resulting in a young girl's death during a New Age "rebirthing" therapy session. They each... (Continue Reading)

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