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Common law marriage states...
Common law marriage states... Posted by ravenna on 12:14 2/8/2002: In Reply to: We did the Common Law Marriage Affidavit.

Common Law Marriage
... grandfathered" common law marriage, allowing those established before a certain date to be recognized.

Common Law Marriage Laws
Cheshire County USA is a showcase site for tmcGraphics, based in East Swanzey, New Hampshire.

Can I file Married Filing Jointly claiming common law marriage? - ...
Can I file "Married Filing Jointly" claiming common law marriage? ... New Hampshire allows a common law marriage for ...

Demystifying Common-Law Marriage
States That Recognize Common Law Marriage ... For more information on Common Law Marriage, see our Fact Sheet.

Fact Sheet On Common Law Marriage
A STATE THAT DOES RECOGNIZE COMMON LAW MARRIAGE: If you live in one of the above states and ... NOT RECOGNIZE COMMON LAW MARRIAGE, there is ...

Is Common Law Marriage an Alternative to the Real Thing
... recognize common law marriages. New Hampshire recognizes common law marriages only for the purposes of inheritance.

Common-law marriage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Common-law marriage (or common law marriage), sometimes called informal marriage or marriage ... Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, Common Law ...

The legal fiction of common law marriage
The legal fiction of common law marriage ... Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and D.C.

Fact or Fiction: Five Myths about Common Law Marriage - ...
Fact or Fiction: Five Myths about Common Law Marriage ... constitute a common law marriage. While the requirements for common law marriage ...

Okla. lawmaker questions common-law marriage
Oklahoma is one of only 10 states that still recognizes common- law marriage with no time or other restrictions and Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Del City, believes the concept has outlived its frontier- e... (Continue Reading)

Marital strife
WERE you surprised by the Massachusetts supreme court decision? Of course not. If it had gone the other way, you'd have been stunned, shocked, awed; ...... (Continue Reading)

Post Politics Hour;'s Daily Politics Discussion
Byline: John F. Harris Don't want to miss out on the latest in politics? Start each day with The Post Politics Hour. Join in each weekday morning at 11 a.m. as a member of The Washington Post's t... (Continue Reading)

Interfaith marriage
Interfaith marriages among Catholics tend to result in discord and divorce. In addition, Catholics in interfaith marriages are less likely to accept traditional ...... (Continue Reading)

Abuse revisited: a feminist challenges the conventional wisdom about domestic violence
FOR 15 YEARS or so, a fairly straightforward paradigm has dominated mainstream thinking about domestic violence policies. According to this conventional ...... (Continue Reading)

Tilting at Windmills
Believe him or not "Don't worry, just tell me what you know, and I promise never to tell who told me," is the siren song that a reporter uses to lure ...... (Continue Reading)

Letters - Letter to the Editor
--Many things might have made a difference in the outcome of the Center for Individual Rights cases challenging preferences at the University of Michigan, ...... (Continue Reading)

Beyond "strange new respect": the Stevens-Ginsburg billet-doux to Justice Kennedy
A NEW VARIATION on the "strange new respect" award is needed--in fact, is being developed--for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. The worst of Ronald Reagan's appointees to the Court,... (Continue Reading)

The winners and losers of 2004
After each election cycle, Campaigns & Elections presents the win--loss records of political consultants across the nation. Before you begin your ...... (Continue Reading)

Dad blood: if DNA tests prove that you're not your children's father, do you still owe child support? - Column
IMAGINE RAISING A family for years, only to find out one day that your children are not really yours. Imagine, after the divorce, being told by the ...... (Continue Reading)

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