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Cousin Relationships
State Variations on American Marriage Prohibitions ... A Discussion on Cousin Marriages, Consanguinity Laws and Origins of Customs ...

Cousin Marriage Laws in the United States
A listing of the laws regarding cousin marriages in the United States ... Sign Up Now for the Marriage newsletter!

States that allow cousin marriages
States that allow cousin marriage...

Cousin Couples
Support and information for and about kissing cousins -- including cousin marriage...

Kissin' Cousins Corner
American Myth of Cousin Marriage" book, and that really helped. Once they learned that actual genetic problems were minimal, and laws in ...

Cousins United to Defeat Discriminating Laws through Education
C.U.D.D.L.E. International takes a pro-active approach to defending cousin marriage. Includes information on genetic risks, national and ...

Forbidden Relatives: The American Myth Of Cousin Marriage
... historical development of U.S. laws governing marriage, contrasts them with European laws, and analyzes the genetic implications of first ...

First cousins face lower than perceived risk
... and because marriage between first cousins is prohibited in 30 states and laws on other consanguineous relationships ...

Go Ask Alice!: Dating first cousin
Legally, you can date and be intimate with your first cousin, but if you are considering marriage, laws vary by state and country.

My new cousin!
... cousin-marriage advocacy 12/17/2003 12:39 AM ... Cousin Marriage Conundrum [...

Wrong from head to toe: a ridiculous and ominous decision in Britain
IN the long annals of judicial stupidity, there can rarely have been a more idiotic judgment than that recently given by Lord Justice Brooke of the British Court of Appeal. It reads like the suicid... (Continue Reading)

Women and violence - reprinted from Al-Raida - Rape scandals at US Service Academies - Violence Against Women, Polygamy And Child Marriage - Reprint

The first eugenicist: was Francis Galton wrong to want to improve the human race?
Extreme Measures: The Dark Visions and Bright Ideas of Francis Galton, by Martin Brookes, New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 298 pages, $24.95 FRANCIS ...... (Continue Reading)

Cousin marriage: What do Judeo-Christian texts say? on marrying kin
This issue became news when the April issue of the Journal of Genetic Counseling said risks have been exaggerated for serious birth defects, retardation ...... (Continue Reading)

What I learned at AEI
THE official topic of today's discussion is: "Should conservatives support same-sex marriage?" The unofficial subtitle, at least of my talk, ...... (Continue Reading)

Saving Father Ryan
Father Tim Ryan demonstrates in his April 11 article that sterling individuals can, with fundamentally flawed arguments, actually promote injustice.... (Continue Reading)

Growing Up Female around the Globe with Young Adult Literature
Growing up female can be difficult and confusing, but for many young women in other parts of the world, being female can be painful and dangerous. As important as it is for young adult (YA) literatur... (Continue Reading)

Veil of Fears: Why they veil; why we should leave it alone - Afghan women
Last month's dramatic pictures of Afghan women shyly peeking out from beneath freshly lifted veils set off a torrent of commentary on the meaning and ...... (Continue Reading)

Turning wine into vinegar - marriage preparation courses in the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church requires many engaged couples to undergo premarital counseling before the ceremony. Most of these marriage preparation courses neglect ...... (Continue Reading)

Dying for love: the epidemic of domestic abuse cases
THE stories have become disturbingly familiar. Last May, the ex-husband of Ronyale White allegedly shot and killed her after breaking into her Chicago ...... (Continue Reading)

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