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Marriage Customs
A COMPILATION OF CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS REGARDING MARRIAGE. A Brief History of Marriage - Like most other social ...

Greek Weddings and Marriage in Ancient Greece
Resources on Greek weddings, marriage customs, and age of the bride.

Ancient Greek Marriage
This website is about the customs of ancient weddings, both Greek and Latin, as described in the poetry of Sappho and Catullus.

Marriage and Funerals in Athens
The Greek marriage is composed of both transfer and transformation: a transfer is enacted in the engue and transformation ...

Today marriage is still popular despite ever increasing divorce
In fact there are a few customs, which date back to the days of marriage by capture. ... in the Greek Orthodox Church girls wear the rings ...

Greek Traditions Page
Information and links about Greek traditions, with folk dancing and music, costumes, holidays and observances, customs, marriage, christmas and ...

The Greater Vancouver Wedding Guide - Greek Traditions
Greek Orthodox Wedding Before two people can wed, according to Greek Orthodoxy, the ... Greek Wedding by Jane . Hodge(Aiken) ...

The Greek Modern Family
... differently the head of household, while the Greek husband is the bread winner. ... focuses the Greek female point of view.

Marriage Customs Resources
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Greek-American Oral Histories: Customs & Traditions: Marriage
In addition to marriage, particular Greek American customs and traditions are associated with the important events of the birth of a child and death.

Constructing a Byzantine augusta: a Greek book for a French bride
Marriage between outsiders is a social advance (because it integrates wider groups). It is also a venture.--Claude Levi-Strauss (1) In 1179 Agnes, ...... (Continue Reading)

Feasting in Homeric epic
ABSTRACT Feasting plays a central role in the Homeric epics. The elements of Homeric feasting--values, practices, vocabulary, and equipment--offer ...... (Continue Reading)

Gettin' with the beat
DID you see what Sandra Day O'Connor said the other day? Swingin' Sandra is the most reliably unreliable vote on the Supreme Court, the fifth vote on ...... (Continue Reading)

Future of Tradition, The
AMERICA HAS BEEN in the midst of a culture war for some time and will probably remain so for some time longer. But culture war is not peculiar to this ...... (Continue Reading)

Empire & 'civilizing' missions, past & present
'Imperialism' is a frustratingly vague term, but a useful one - and not only for outside observers and protesting subjects.1 Historically, rulers have ...... (Continue Reading)

Albanskij toskskij govor sela Leshnja (kraina Skrapar)/Albanskij gegskij govor sela Myxurr (kraina Dibyr)
Dzheljal' Jully and Andrej N Sobolev. Albanskij toskskij govor sela Leshnja (kraina Skrapar). Sintaksis, Leksika, Etnolingvistika, Teksty. Materialen zum Siidosteuropasprachatlas, Band 2. Marburg an... (Continue Reading)

From Homer to the Harem: the art of Jean Lecomte du Nouy
IN HIS DEPICTION of subjects from classical myth and literature, Jean Lecomte du Nouy (1842-1923) followed the tenets of the neo-grec (new Greek) movement, ...... (Continue Reading)

The Mycenaean Feast: an introduction
In 2001, I participated in a conference on the culture and cuisine of the prehistoric Aegean, sponsored by the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology ...... (Continue Reading)

The United States is now an ethnically complex society. The demographic changes that have taken place in America during the past five decades have given ...... (Continue Reading)

Keens from the Absent Chorus: Troy to Ulster
I. What experimentation is to science, comparison should be to philology-a way to test hypotheses and produce new ones that account for more of the data, ...... (Continue Reading)

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