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This is a collection of tasteful Jewish Jokes. If you have any to submit, email them to me. ... * You're at a Jewish wedding...

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Jewish Wedding Jokes Funny Jokes and Gags - Make 'em laugh with our funny jokes ... her Jewish identity...

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Wedding humour. Jokes, Anecdotes, Pranks, Cartoons and Tricks collected. ... Wedding Jokes & Humour gives you Probably The Largest ...

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Hundreds of Jewish jokes with the naughtier ones kept separate; also humorous speeches on Jewish themes, children's riddles, and kosher ...

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Jewish Jokes and more ... ... replied,"At your wedding, Father. At your wedding!" Rabbi Ron, Springdale, AR, U.S ...

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It's All Relative Two Jewish women were speaking about their sons, each of whom was ...

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The only comprehensive wedding speech manual online, have questions? get live answers by accredited certified wedding consultants, rated #1 by ...

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JewishPath Jewish Humor page is filled with Hundreds of side-splitting jokes, funny tales and really funny jokes everyone in the family or ...

Amy and Brian's Wedding Web Site - The Jewish Wedding
Traditionally the Jewish wedding starts with the signing of the marriage contract or ketubbah. ... In Jewish custom, all of the immediate ...

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Harrys Black Hole - because we all need some fun in our lives - check out HBH for jokes, music, games, chat, downloads, food, sports, travel ...

An amazing pass: one minute, we're talking about tolerance for homosexuals; the next, we're watching them marry
THE final weeks of the presidential campaign are filled with talk of homosexuality, specifically the vice president's daughter. Beyond and behind this, ...... (Continue Reading)

Cokie credits the sisters; author of Founding Mothers grew up with strong women
Folding chairs filled the atrium of the Missouri Historical Society, and people were still filing in, standing along the sides and back, heavy winter ...... (Continue Reading)

Laughing in the face of terror
"In my hometown, Muslims here wanted to build a mosque but the entire community rose up to say you're going to bring terrorism," says comic ...... (Continue Reading)

Books received
Bender, Mark. Plum and Bamboo: China's Suzhou Chantefable Tradition. Champaign, IL: Illinois University Press, 2003. xii + 259 pp. $44.95 (hbk). ISBN ...... (Continue Reading)

The music of the Polish diaspora
IT was the night of the assassination of Itzakh Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel. I recall the occasion on 4 November 1995 in much the same way as ...... (Continue Reading)

Yiddish in Amerike: translating multilingual texts: Jacob Gordin's "Moses, Jesus Christ and Karl Marx Visit New York" - Critical Essay
And the opposite happened--Esther 9:1 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "[Un es iz gevorn farkert]"--Yehoash translation of Esther 9:1 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "[Un er hot gezen dafke fa... (Continue Reading)

The day the Holocaust came to Manchester
Howard Jacobson and I know each other slightly, yet we almost grew up together' although the age gap of seven years is an aeon if you're still a child.... (Continue Reading)

The fairly trite grouse experience
There are few things a critic likes more than giving the subject under review a good kicking. (The emails about the egregious Chris Moyles, incidentally, ...... (Continue Reading)

Valley couples make Valentine's Day last all year
FOR millions of people around the world, today is the day of love. The day to express devotion to that special someone by sending him or her a bouquet of roses or a heart-shaped box filled wit... (Continue Reading)

Pandora's Quotes of the year
Our Betters: 'There is abundant evidence that Blair is a liar, but on this occasion he is completely in the clear, and can be exonerated.' Peter Oborne discovers the Prime Minister never d... (Continue Reading)

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