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Ancient Roman Marriage
... a Roman marriage to be legal, it was expected to happen on the wedding night because of the Roman emphasis of ...

Rome Exposed - Marriage and Customs and Roman Women
Learn about Marriage, and the Customs and Roman Women. ... Marriage in Roman times began as a sacred institution. Divorce was unknown.

History & Cultures-Wedding customs, romance and courtship, romance ...
Elements of an ancient Roman wedding ceremony are part of the festivities in ...

Today marriage is still popular despite ever increasing divorce
... was the Roman wedding colour as it was the colour sacred to Hymen, the God of Marriage ยท BLACK was considered unlucky; ...

Marriage Customs and Roman Women
Marriage lost its sacramental character, divorce became more common ... was not a Roman citizen and the other had jus conubii, marriage was ...

A Roman Wedding: Resources
A brief overview of Roman wedding customs and the role of marriage in Roman society. One couple's Roman wedding.

A Roman Wedding
A brief overview of Roman wedding customs and the role of marriage in Roman society. One couple's Roman wedding.

Here is some information about where to find information on women ...
On the Diotima site search page: ...

Marriage Customs
A COMPILATION OF CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS REGARDING MARRIAGE. A Brief History of Marriage - Like most other social ...

Indian Wedding Rituals traditions hindu gujarati punjabi wedding ...
Check out Indian Wedding Rituals traditions hindu gujarati punjabi wedding ceremony indian marriage customs from punjabi to gujarati to tamil ...

The centrality of marriage: homosexuality and the Roman Catholic argument - Homosexuality: Some Elements for an Ecumenical Discussion
The Roman Catholic church has a very basic tradition concerning sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and marriage. It assumes that same-sex behavior is ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage, old style
Jewish Marriage in Antiquity. By MICHAEL SATLOW. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2001. Scholars of Judaism face tremendous challenges when ...... (Continue Reading)

Over the last twenty years or so, critics in France and elsewhere have been particularly exercised by the problem of defining the essential characteristics ...... (Continue Reading)

A "real man's ring": gender and the invention of tradition - American double ring ceremony, 1920s male engagement ring
Unlike many wedding practices that have obscure origins, the American double ring ceremony and the groom's wedding hand can be traced to advertising and promotional campaigns by the jewelry industry... (Continue Reading)

Many models of marriage can and do exist - Column
It starts with a man and a woman, stuck in a cake, glued at each other's sides. Freezer burn may ruin the cake, but not even death will part this bride ...... (Continue Reading)

Body blows: in the thick of Zimbabwe's current turmoil, women with disabilities face hellish prejudice, hunger and rape. Gladys Charowa bears witness
'The people that I looked up to let me down. Being a student I always had respect for them and counted on them as my family. I told them all my problems ...... (Continue Reading)

INTRODUCTION The hectic automobile trip to northern Italy in March 1927 by Hemingway and his newspaper friend Guy Hickok has had some scholarly attention ...... (Continue Reading)

'I do, I do'
We all know the words that begin a marriage. But do we know what matrimony has meant through the ages? Traditional marriage. Just what does that really ...... (Continue Reading)

Situation Normal: A word, a concept, and the trouble they cause - shifting demographics and normalcy - Statistical Data Included
The latest batch of data released from the 2000 census describes America's household arrangements. There are a tad more than 105 million households in the U.S., of which 72 million are families ("t... (Continue Reading)

From Homer to the Harem: the art of Jean Lecomte du Nouy
IN HIS DEPICTION of subjects from classical myth and literature, Jean Lecomte du Nouy (1842-1923) followed the tenets of the neo-grec (new Greek) movement, ...... (Continue Reading)

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