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DivorceMag: U.S. Divorce Statistics
... with the lowest divorce rate: (1997) Massachusetts. Rate per 1,000 population: 2.4 ... Median age at second marriage: Males: 34 ...

What is the current divorce rate in the United States? Has the ...
... current divorce rate in the United States? Has the divorce rate changed much ... The divorce rate in the United States has generally ...

Fuck the South
Which state do you think has the lowest divorce rate you marriage-hyping dickwads? Well? Can you guess?

Divorce Rates - Divorce Statistics Collection
353, 357. The marriage rate has fallen nearly 30% since 1970 and the divorce rate has increased about 40%. Ahlburg and ...

What the Divorce Statistics Say
... crude" divorce rate of 50%. The Rutgers National Marriage Project ( bases their review of divorce trends on ...

Success rate for 2nd marriages: was marriage is for suckers
... - Since the divorce rate for all marriages is often pegged at yourodds of getting divorced the second...

The Effects of Divorce on Children
Brief academic study on the topic.

Making Your Second Marriage Work
Learn how to choose the right partner and have a successful second marriage from the experts at Divorce Magazine, here on

Man falls victim to enmity -DAWN - National; January 3, 2002
OKARA, Jan 2: A man was shot dead by brothers of a woman in revenge of her murder in Chak 15/IR, here on Tuesday.

Australian Marriage/Divorce rate comparisons
Australian Marriage/Divorce rate comparisons ... was the lowest rate since 1900. The median age at marriage has increased from 23.4 years ...

Marriage-Saving: A movement for matrimony - ways to reduce the divorce rate and keep more marriages together
Maggie Gallagher is director of the marriage project at the Institute for American Values, and a nationally syndicated columnist. The letter on my ...... (Continue Reading)

Divorce-on-Demand: Forget about gay marriage-what about the state of regular marriage?
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the campaign to permit marriages between persons of the same sex. But even if that campaign were to succeed, its proponents would likely find their victory a... (Continue Reading)

Keating Has Plan to Save Marriages - Oklahoma governor's plan is to reduce divorce rate
Oklahoma is deep in the heart of Bible country and up to its neck in divorce and poverty. Lawmakers and experts say supporting the institution of marriage ...... (Continue Reading)

Plotting a new direction: Arthur Vaughn is rebuilding his finances after divorce
THE PROCESS OF DIVORCE CAN BE emotionally painful, especially if it's a bad breakup. But even with amicable splits, divorce can be financially taxing ...... (Continue Reading)

What can we do with the moon? - personal reflections on marriage and divorce - editorial
What Can We Do With The Moon? As Tom Robbins says in Still Life with Woodpecker, the last quarter of the 20th century is "a severe period for lovers." ...... (Continue Reading)

Third Thoughts on Divorce. - 'For Better or for Worse: Divorce Reconsidered - book review
For Better or For Worse: Divorce Reconsidered, by E. Mavis Hetherington and John Kelly (Norton, 307 pp., $26.95) E. Mavis Hetherington is one of the ...... (Continue Reading)

`De facto' couples struggle with church's norms - discusses church in relation to homosexual couples, divorced people, co-habiting couples and same-sex
Religious ideals larger than church's rules for some Though many Catholics who deviate from traditional marriage norms gravitate toward more liberal ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage drain's big cost
Byline: Peter Francese Since the Massachusetts Supreme Court gave its opinion last November on who can get married, and a number of politicians have ...... (Continue Reading)

Black Men And Divorce: Implications For Culturally Competent Practice
Divorce takes a particularly heavy toll on black men, resulting in mental health problems that commonly present as physiological symptoms Introduction ...... (Continue Reading)

Attitudes to marriage and sexual behaviors: A survey of gender and culture differences in China and United Kingdom
This paper reports a survey carried out among 505 university students in China and 338 students in the United Kingdom. The survey included questions on attitudes toward mate-selection preferences, m... (Continue Reading)

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