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State Marriage Statutes
(gg) No common-law marriage can be entered into, but these states recgonize common law marriages that were entered into before these dates: ...

Common Law Marriage
... common-law marriage. The relevant laws of those states that have abolished common-law marriage are prospective in application, which ...

Demystifying Common-Law Marriage
States That Recognize Common Law Marriage ... the United States. Common law marriage differs from country to country.

Fact Sheet On Common Law Marriage
STATES THAT RECOGNIZE COMMON LAW MARRIAGE: Only a few states recognize common law marriages: ... live in one of the common law states and ...

Common-law marriage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... common-law marriage was never known there.Nevertheless, all states - including those that have abolished common-law marriage - continue to ...

222.13 Common-law marriage relationship. Under the laws of some States, a common-law marriage is one which is not solemnized in a formal ...

Common Law Marriage, Travis County, Texas
Welcome to Domestic Relations Office in Travis County, Texas. Commonly Asked Questions About Common Law Marriage...

Common law marriage is a term used to describe a marriage which has not complied with the statutory requirements most states have enacted as ...

Common Law Marriage
In states which recognize common law marriage, once the requirements have been met the marriage is typically treated in exactly the same ...

Common Law Marriage FAQ
Learn what common law marriage is and in what states it's recognized.

Love and marriage—and family law
FAMILY law is in turmoil. It is on the front pages of our newspapers and is implicated in some of our deepest cultural dilemmas and conflicts, from no-fault divorce to the legal status of unmarried... (Continue Reading)

Common law marriage issues - The Law
The issue of living arrangements and marriage--from civil unions to domestic partnerships to common law marriage--promises to grab headlines in the months ahead. While states and the federal govern... (Continue Reading)

A religious, civil hornet's nest: emotional baggage connected with the word marriage complicates debate over gay unions - Special Report
In the official teaching of the Catholic church, gay marriage is an oxymoron, a logical impossibility. Yet, in the judgment of many Americans today, ...... (Continue Reading)

Tied in knots - Vermont churches divided by civil union law - same sex marriages, United States - Statistical Data Included
THE POLITICAL FUROR over Vermont's two-year-old civil union law has begun to subside, but controversy is still roiling the state's churches. Some disputes ...... (Continue Reading)

One by One - statistics on single people in the United States - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included
More singles are opting out of marriage, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Mary Cumbey, a 49-year-old administrator and private-school ...... (Continue Reading)

Stand and Fight: Don't take gay marriage lying down
It's time for conservatives to take their cue from the New Jersey Nets, or maybe from those hard-luck kids, the Boston Red Sox. Only a few weeks ago, ...... (Continue Reading)

Legislating women's sexuality: Cherokee marriage laws in the nineteenth century
Introduction The nineteenth century was a time of tremendous social and political upheaval in the Cherokee Nation. Most readers are likely to be familiar ...... (Continue Reading)

Will new women's rights correct Turkish wrongs? - marriage laws
AFTER more than half a century of struggle, Turkish women have won equality with men in marriage--on 1 January a new civil code replaced previous legislation ...... (Continue Reading)

Trapped in a sexless marriage: advice on dealing with impotent husbands and vindictive grandmothers - Between Us
My husband and I have been married for two months but haven't had sex because he's impotent. He's a minister, so sex before marriage was off-limits.... (Continue Reading)

A more perfect union: reservations about gay marriage
WE HAVE A bumper sticker on our car: "Keep Vermont Civil." The sticker is a bit tattered, since it goes back to the controversy about "civil unions"--the ...... (Continue Reading)

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