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teen marriage - marriage - married - teens - getting married - teens ...
A look at the reality of teen marriage. Information and resources for teens considering wedlock.

National Marriage Project
... indices of marriage, divorce, cohabitation, loss of child centeredness, fragile families, and teen attitudes.

The Risk of Teen Marriage
... encourages marriage. Another, that the abstinence movement does the same. Whatever the reason, experts say teen marriages are ...

NCPA - Social Issues - Teen Marriages Usually End In Divorce
The older a woman is at first marriage, the longer that marriage is likely to last. ... D. Mosher, "First Marriage Dissolution, ...

Teen Marriage
Here's information on teen marriage from a historical and statistical perspective. The article also includes things for teenage couples to ...

Teenage Marriage: Weigh it carefully!
Marriage, by scriptural definition is: "The blending together of two lives, two personalities ... Marriage is sanctioned by Jehovah God ...
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Retrieved Listing for 'teen marriage statistics' : ... 3. Free Teen Chat Chat with teens for Free! ...

Vital Statistics - Main Page
This page provides access to statistical information based on vital records (records of birth, death, marriage and divorce), as well as ...

teen marriage
... teen marriage: a teen advisor explores the subject of teen marriage... teens considering marriage have lots to think about before tying the knot.

Marriage Statistics
Links to data are collated under the following headings: ... Statistics: Marriage ...

Teen Pregnancy Rate Reaches Record Low - teenagers' statistics, United States - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included
Federal researchers are crediting sexual abstinence and increased contraception use as the main reasons for the recent declines in teen pregnancy, abortion ...... (Continue Reading)

My so-called life: after doing time in an adult prison, can this teen turn his life around?
The first thing you notice about 19-year-old Lexus Sirmans is his size. At six feet two inches tall and weighing 200 pounds, he has the imposing build ...... (Continue Reading)

The State of Our Unions - Life In America - marriage - Statistical Data Included
EACH YEAR, the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University publishes an assessment of the health of marriage and marital relationships in America ...... (Continue Reading)

And Baby Makes Two - statistics on out-of-wedlock births - Brief Article
Significantly more women are giving birth out of wedlock, according to a new Census Bureau report. Critics fear the trend reflects a cavalier attitude ...... (Continue Reading)

Adolescent Premarital Sexual Activity, Cohabitation, and Attitudes Toward Marriage
Paige D. Martin, Director of Special Education/School Psychologist, Rootstown School District, Rootstown, Ohio.... (Continue Reading)

Daddies, devotion, and dollars: how do they matter for youth?
Growing up in a family that lacks a biological father is correlated with a number of poor outcomes for youths. This study uses the National Educational ...... (Continue Reading)

Why Are So Many Couples Living Together Before Marriage? - cohabitation and marriage successes
Many couples feel that cohabitation before marriage is a good precaution against unhappy marriages or divorce. However, some feel that cohabitation is a poor reflection of married life while others sp... (Continue Reading)

To Be About To Be
Byline: Michael J. Weiss WWhen Michael Piercey turned 21 last November, he celebrated the milestone like those before him have done for generations: ...... (Continue Reading)

Gen-Xers turn into ex-spouses: why do so many marriages crash and burn before the couple turns 30? The authors of two new books offer some answers and
They were young and in love, and marriage seemed like the right thing to do for many reasons. "It was the next step," they thought. "Then we won't be ...... (Continue Reading)

Study Finds Why MARRIAGE Is On The Decline - Brief Article
Marriage has weakened as an institution in the United States with fewer people saying "I do" than at any time in the nation's history, a new study reveals.... (Continue Reading)

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