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AN INTRODUCTION TO DIVORCE REFORM AND OTHER MARRIAGE ISSUES ... "Covenant Marriage" is another proposal for changing divorce law.

Americans for Divorce Reform, Inc.
The Marriage Movement: Introduction To Divorce Reform Issues ... Director John Crouch and many colleagues in the "Marriage Movement"

The Marriage Movment
Learn more about Kathy Dawson and the Marriage Movement ... Annual Marriage Movement Romance Workshop ...

Covenant Marriage
Welcome to the Covenant Marriage Movement. God is at work and He has brought you to this site for a purpose.
site: - Sponsored by American Family Association
Ford is to get homosexual marriage legalized. The information below provides just a glimpse of how broad Ford?s support for the homosexual ...
site: > editorial > Misandrist Marriage Movement
Misandrist Marriage Movement February 9, 2005 by Carey Roberts ... The marriage movement faces many challenges, not the least of which is ...
site: > editorial > Marriage Movement at the Crossroads
Marriage Movement at the Crossroads August 31, 2005 by Carey Roberts ... What is more regrettable is that some in the Marriage Movement are ...

Reason: Divorcées and Social Engineers: Fathers face off against ...
It is now a truth more or less universally acknowledged that children are better off when ... Fathers face off against the marriage ...

Arkansas Court OKs Gay Foster Parents, Justices Find Ban On ...
Same-Sex Marriage Debate State-by-state coverage, opinions, history, photos ... Senate Rejects Gay Marriage Ban Supporters Vow To Continue ...

Marriage's grass roots: the activist who led the equal marriage movement in Hawaii recalls the long road to Massachusetts
Getting married. I hope there is a very long pause as you read those words. As I write them I am flooded with the overwhelming desire to scream and ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage's bloody backlash: legal victories and the movement to legalize gay marriage have meant an increase in gay bashing
On February 12, 2004--the day San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered his city to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples--Ken Saragosa walked out of an Orange County, Calif., gay bar and was... (Continue Reading)

Picking their court battles: it's taken on the Boy Scouts, eliminated sodomy laws, and won victories for students. Now Lambda Legal has its sights on marriage.
Kevin Cathcart wants every gay and lesbian person to learn the value of patience. We can't get discouraged, he says, just because marriage equality and parental rights for LGBT people are under all... (Continue Reading)

Backlash fever: is the mainstream push for gay marriage actually setting the movement back? - Politics
Taking his first strong position on gay marriage, President Bush on July 30 officially joined a fevered and growing debate on the issue. After paraphrasing ...... (Continue Reading)

Divorcees and social engineers: fathers face off against the marriage movement
IT IS NOW a truth more or less universally acknowledged that children are better off when they have fathers and when their fathers are actively involved ...... (Continue Reading)

Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage
Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage. By Mark D. Jordan. University of Chicago Press, 256 pp., $29.00. What God Has Joined Together? A Ch... (Continue Reading)

Foes of gay marriage eye federal amendment
Riding high on President Bush's reelection and on decisive victories to ban gay marriage in 11 states, activists in the traditional-marriage movement ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage-Saving: A movement for matrimony - ways to reduce the divorce rate and keep more marriages together
Maggie Gallagher is director of the marriage project at the Institute for American Values, and a nationally syndicated columnist. The letter on my ...... (Continue Reading)

Ohio candidate hopes gay marriage issue takes him to governor's mansion
In June 2003, a group of evangelical Christian leaders met in Arlington, Va., to map strategy for a clash they viewed as the political equivalent of ...... (Continue Reading)

I do! The labour movement vows to maintain the struggle for equal access to legal marriage: workers seek equality - Erase The Hate
The backlash resulting from the current debate over same-sex marriage is overwhelming and hurtful. As a parent and partner I have felt under constant ...... (Continue Reading)

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