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Ugly - Bridesmaid Dresses From Hell
... own personal experiences but now ugly dresses for bridesmaids, weddings, and proms have come from all over.

Reason to hate Utah: Matronly prom dresses
Reason to Hate Utah: Matronly Prom Dresses ... These prom dresses aren't just "modest" they're downright UGLY and modest.

Ugly Prom Dresses Ð Fashion Freaks
A gallery of bad and ghetto prom dresses...
site: - Entertainment - Share Your Ugly Prom Dress
SAN DIEGO -- With prom just around the corner, wants to highlight some of the dresses you just "had to have."

Prom Dresses
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Ugly Prom Dresses
Information about Ugly prom dresses ... Prom dresses sometimes fall into this category too. In order to avoid buying ugly prom dresses you ...

Prom Dresses Information ugly prom dresses
Prom Dresses Information ugly prom dresses.

Fashion: Dresses page
Dresses TeenFX, teen dresses, models, Prom Dresses, Rampage, A.B.S., Hype, XOXO, Zum Zum, Laundry, G&G, Hot Topic, L.O.L, Jesica McClintock

Prom fashion 2003
... demand hard-to-find, gorgeous Prom dresses that are age-appropriate, trendy and a perfect fit." Sydney ...

The Prophet's Place--Reasons to Hate Utah
Shapless, ugly prom dresses are a plague far worse than Mormon crickets ...

OSCAR DRESSES The good, the bad ... and the ugly
And the winners are... Honorary Princess of Wales Catherine ZJ looks right at home in regal red and gold Versace Cate Blanchett does a masterclass ...... (Continue Reading)

How to know if you're Mexican
DON'T you just love those "You know you're ... if you ...?" I just received a Mexican one, so let's dissect it. Anyway, we are supposed to be Mexican ...... (Continue Reading)

Gay rites
Dorian Lord is acting like a jill-in-the-box, popping up every few minutes to chat with friends. She's too excited to sit still long. This is a big ...... (Continue Reading)

W-a-a-a-a-y back to school
"Back when I was a kid... " How many parents and teachers have uttered that dreaded phrase to a bunch of eye-rolling, know-it-all children who prefer ...... (Continue Reading)

FASHION & STYLE: Living in a material world
In fashion terms, the 1980s is the decade that refuses to die. The runway may reference the roaring Twenties, the swinging Sixties and the sinful Seventies, ...... (Continue Reading)

Questions you should have asked but didn't
Back by popular demand, it's the made-up questions you should have asked me, thus saving me valuable shopping time for Christmas. Question: What's ...... (Continue Reading)

Fashion & style: Too sweet by half
Sugar and spice and all things nice. That is what Italian designers seemed to be muttering during last week's spring/summer 2004 collections in Milan.... (Continue Reading)

IHSA getting its fill of bad attitudes
The Illinois High School Association gave us a cute catch phrase in "Sport a winning attitude." But sportsmanship seems to be reaching an all-time low. In a Class A baseball supersectional last... (Continue Reading)

That's U-G-L-Y/ Ex-bridesmaids reveal atrocities from the back of
For all women who have been forced to traipse down the aisle in an appallingly ugly bridesmaids dress, know this: You are not alone. A recent survey ...... (Continue Reading)

A Freeze Out - short story
So great was his love that not even her father's scandal could stop him. Yet there was a debt owed his parents that he couldn't explain. Here and there ...... (Continue Reading)

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