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State Marriage Statutes
... the marriage law of a particular jurisdiction should review its law directly rather ... common-law marriage can be entered into, but ...

Marriage Law Requirements by State
State By State - General Marriage License Requirements ... State Age Cost for license- May vary within each state Waiting period between ...

Marriage Laws > Marriage License Requirements > United States
U.S. Marriage Laws information on state and county requirements for getting a marriage license in the United States.

Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington
Institute at the UCLA School of Law finds that giving marriage rights to same-sex couples in Washington will have a positive impact on the ...

Wash. Court to Rule on Gay Marriage Law, Washington Supreme Court ...
Washington Supreme Court Expected to Rule on State's Gay Marriage Law...

Washington Marriage License Information
How to get married in Washington state. ... Sign Up Now for the Marriage newsletter! ... Copy of Certificate of Marriage: Washington Dept.

Washington State Marriage License Laws
If you are planning on having your wedding in Washington state, check out the marriage license laws and regulations so your plans don't get ...

Washington Marriage License Laws > Wedding Officiants - WA
Marriage license Laws in the state of Washington, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the Washington ...

If you are newly wed or plan to marry soon, you have probably
The valid license may be used anywhere in the state of Washington. ... pamphlet was prepared as a public service by the Washington State Bar ...

Washington Marriage License Information, Laws, Requirements
Washington marriage license information, laws, and requirements...

DOMA's unlikely victims: a Washington State lesbian couple's bankruptcy was the catalyst for an all-out battle over the federal gay marriage ban
Lee Kandu's financial hardship wasn't supposed to launch her into the national gay rights spotlight. But after she and her wife, Ann, were both diagnosed ...... (Continue Reading)

Is gay marriage debate a church-state issue? - News
Socially conservative politicians have at times employed religious terms and rationale in urging government protection of heterosexual-only marriages.... (Continue Reading)

Marriage amendment dead—for now
A CONSTITUTIONAL amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage died in the Senate this month despite intense pressure from President Bush, prominent religious ...... (Continue Reading)

Washington state's top court upholds gay marriage ban
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The Washington Supreme Court upheld the state's ban on gay marriage Wednesday, dealing the gay rights movement its second major defeat ...... (Continue Reading)

Gay marriage conflict renewed in California
Gay and lesbian activists cheered a ruling by a San Francisco judge that has overturned a statewide ban on gay marriage, but their conservative opponents ...... (Continue Reading)

Picking their court battles: it's taken on the Boy Scouts, eliminated sodomy laws, and won victories for students. Now Lambda Legal has its sights on marriage.
Kevin Cathcart wants every gay and lesbian person to learn the value of patience. We can't get discouraged, he says, just because marriage equality and parental rights for LGBT people are under all... (Continue Reading)

Marriage amendment may rise again
ALTHOUGH A PROPOSED constitutional amendment to define matrimony solely as a one-man, one-woman compact fell flat in the U.S. Senate last month, political ...... (Continue Reading)

Law Tossed Aside for Same-Sex Marriage - The Furies - Letter to the Editor
Byline: Helen Lee, INSIGHT Law Tossed Aside for Same-Sex Marriage Rush Limbaugh, The Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Southern Florida, ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage Amendment Dead? Try Electing Judges Instead - Fair Comment
Byline: Paul Cameron, SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES In an effort to block the legitimizing of homosexual marriage - either by the commonwealth of ...... (Continue Reading)

Kerry Opposed State Gay Marriage Ban
On July 12, 2002, Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) signed a letter organized by Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass,.) in opposition to a state constitutional amendment ...... (Continue Reading)

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