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State Marriage Statutes
(gg) No common-law marriage can be entered into, but these states recgonize common law marriages that were entered into before these dates: ...

Common Law Marriage
Common Law Marriage ... New Hampshire has a limited form of common law marriage effective only at death. See N.H. REV. STAT. ANN.

Common Law Marriage FAQ
Learn what common law marriage is and in what states it's recognized.

Proof of Common Law Marriage
Proof of Common Law Marriage...

Demystifying Common-Law Marriage
States That Recognize Common Law Marriage ... For more information on Common Law Marriage, see our Fact Sheet.

Fact Sheet On Common Law Marriage
STATES THAT RECOGNIZE COMMON LAW MARRIAGE: Only a few states recognize common law marriages: ...

Judge admits if case involved male teacher with female student, ...
The relationship cost Ingram her job and reportedly led to the breakup of her 12-year common-law marriage to a man four years her senior.

Georgia Divorce Lawyer - Atlanta
2. Q. What is common law marriage? A. Common law marriage is only allowed in a small number of states. In a common law marriage, the ...

Common law marriage states...
Common law marriage states... Posted by ravenna on 12:14 2/8/2002: In Reply to: We did the Common Law Marriage Affidavit.

Common-law marriage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Common-law marriage (or common law marriage), sometimes called informal marriage or marriage by habit and repute is, historically, a form of ...

What marriage is
COMMON sense suggests it is better for homosexually oriented persons to settle into permanent relationships than to have multiple partners. But can such relationships become marriages? I do not bel... (Continue Reading)

Love and marriage—and family law
FAMILY law is in turmoil. It is on the front pages of our newspapers and is implicated in some of our deepest cultural dilemmas and conflicts, from no-fault divorce to the legal status of unmarried... (Continue Reading)

A new word, a new day: where 'gay marriage' is leading us
'HETERONORMATIVE": There's a word to add to your vocabulary. Very, very soon you'll be hearing it a lot. On February 26, Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Hollywood star Will Smith, sparked a fier... (Continue Reading)

Common law marriage issues - The Law
The issue of living arrangements and marriage--from civil unions to domestic partnerships to common law marriage--promises to grab headlines in the months ahead. While states and the federal govern... (Continue Reading)

You and me against the world: Spain is just one of a half dozen countries worldwide that have made crucial strides toward marriage rights—or at least
After two years together, Ricardo Salas and his partner, Quique Palma, 29, are ready to marry. They've set a date for January 2006 and are saving every ...... (Continue Reading)

The two sharias: Islamic law is open to interpretation
Its images are etched into our memory. In Bali, 202 people are incinerated in Kutu Beach nightclubs, punished for their "decadence." In Pakistan, ...... (Continue Reading)

The tipping point: beginning May 17 in Massachusetts, gay and lesbian couples will be able to obtain fully legal marriage licenses for the first time in
In just a few months Wilfred Labiosa 32, and John Barter, 36, have settled in among their straight neighbors in the Boston area. Like many committed ...... (Continue Reading)

What's marriage for?
AMID THE FUROR over gay marriage, Eugene Rogers has added a wise voice. No theologian on the contemporary scene has offered reflections so thoroughly ...... (Continue Reading)

The 28th Amendment: It is time to protect marriage, and democracy, in America - Defense of Marriage Act may be in jeopardy
Marriage is so central to the well-being of children-and society as a whole-that it was, until recently, difficult to imagine that it might be necessary ...... (Continue Reading)

Divorce-on-Demand: Forget about gay marriage-what about the state of regular marriage?
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the campaign to permit marriages between persons of the same sex. But even if that campaign were to succeed, its proponents would likely find their victory a... (Continue Reading)

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