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What is the ?Marriage Penalty??
The marriage penalty doesn?t stop at just the tax tables. It infiltrates the entire tax code. For example, married couples that earn over ...

Marriage Penalty Calculator
... out whether your taxes will suffer a "marriage penalty" ... or a "marriage bonus." You have a penalty if you pay more ...
site: -The Marriage Penalty
Discover how the marriage penalty causes married couples to pay more taxes than their single counterparts. Learn who it hurts, why it is so ...

Road Rules (Tax Guide: Personal Finance) |
Want to deduct your car as a business expense? Here's what you need to know.

Costly wedded bliss -- fixing the marriage tax penalty (Page 1 of 2)
Further complicating the marriage penalty fix is the fact that an almost equal number of couples have enjoyed a marriage "bonus," ...

CitizenLink - Extras - August Recess is the Time to Buttonhole ...
Family advocates say to press for key legislation.

CTJ Analysis of GOP and Democratic Marriage Penalty Bills
On Feb. 10, the House passed GOP-sponsored legislation to reduce the "marriage penalty," the extra income taxes that a married ...

Citizens for Tax Justice
CTJ is a non-profit research and advocacy group focusing on federal, state and local tax policy...

Marriage - TheologyWeb Campus
... endless examples. so then what is the 'marriage penalty'? the marriage penalty is that invoked in the past due to the IRS looking at ...

Self Employed Taxes - Marriage Penalty
Self Employed Tax and Business Advice ... ... a marriage penalty, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The 2003 tax cut provides ...

Marriage Penalty - Brief Article
In which our man in Washington learns about conservative sex, Thomas Jefferson's HMO woes, and back-alley bookies Date: 1/21/2000 4:20:37 PM From: ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage Debate: Is It Time For State And Church To Get A Divorce?, The
On Feb. 5, 2004, President Bush reiterated the position he staked out in his State of the Union address regarding allowing same-sex partners to marry.... (Continue Reading)

Terror: how real is the threat to business? The smiling face of Bali bomber Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, cheering as his own death penalty was handed down in
Amrozi's capture and trial, along with fellow bombers Iman Samudra, Ali Imron and suspect Ali Ghufron, have kept terrorism in the news spotlight. Further threats from terror group Jemaah Islamiya... (Continue Reading)

Saint Sam: Senator Brownback of Kansas is one of the country's leading virtuecrats
ABOUT five years ago, at a weekly prayer meeting of senators, Sam Brownback came as close as he ever had to confessing to a hate crime. "I was scheduled to be the speaker that morning," r... (Continue Reading)

Can divorce be a solution to marital problems in a Christian marriage?
Text: Deuteronomy 24:1-5, Matthew 19:3-6 The book of Deuteronomy lays down this legal principle: Suppose a man enters into marriage with a woman, ...... (Continue Reading)

Marriage penalty: the union of gay couples in Hawaii implies not an expansion of marriage - but its end
Mr. Bradley is Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame. FOR months, conservatives have been alarmed at the prospect that the Hawaii Supreme Court ...... (Continue Reading)

Theologian's feisty faith challenges status quo; forget labels. Stanley Hauerwas is antiwar, anti-death penalty and antiabortion - Cover Story
Stanley Hauerwas sat on the hand- me-down couch at the far end of the living room. His audience, a collection of Christian activists, many of whom had ...... (Continue Reading)

Same-sex marriage: a dissenting Catholic opinion
For many months now, Canada's Catholic bishops have conducted a vigorous campaign of opposition to decisions of our courts and governments aimed at broadening the definition of marriage to include... (Continue Reading)

Joining forces to battle same-sex marriage: bishops' conference, religious right fund project that critics call an attack effort against gays
From his cluttered fourth floor office at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law, a half mile from the offices of the U.S. Conference of Catholic ...... (Continue Reading)

Born again, again: a new biography of Charles Colson is yet another cover-up
Charles W. Colson: A Life Redeemed By Jonathan Aitken WaterBrook Press; $24.95 In March, 1972, the disclosure of a memo written by Dita Beard, a lobbyist ...... (Continue Reading)

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